From Local to Global

Our mission focused from the beginning in providing our guests an exceptional experience of fast food, serving a slow-food burger, simply delicious and high quality at the price of fast food.

Twenty years later and thirty restaurants open, our vision has become clear:

To make the concept of hamburgueria portuguêsa based on a family business into a global company, while considering the reputation that our brand has: We serve burgers simply delicious!


Like a slow-meal, but fast!

Slow-food hamburgers served quickly!

While our competitors serve burgers smaller, cheaper and less satisfactory in a traditional fast-food Western World environment, the Burger Ranch is emerging as a fast-food hamburger restaurant serving the largest, most rewarding and delicious burger with convenience, pace and price of fast-food restaurant.

Even our french fries are served with mini forks to serve our customers who want the convenience of fast food with a home cooking style touch!